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Slide Self-Service Portals Supporting Stakeholder Engagement

Web Portals

  • Parent Portal
  • Student Portal
  • Educator Portal


  • Customisable
  • Scheduled Notices
  • Rule Based Notices


  • Supports BYOD
  • Any Device Ready
  • Access Controlled
structured sharing and access

Integrated Self Service Portal and Notification

Real-time access for parents, students and staff to all vital, shared, and allowed information. Scadsys Self Service Portals creates a platform where all stakeholders can access to records, assessments and online quizzes relevant to their roles within the institution.

Web Portals

Scadsys Web Portal implements self-service for Parents, Students and Educators on the Web. The system provides access to live Scadsys data and allow parents to update their biographical information (if authorised). Schools have total control over information security and access to individual parent and student information. Scadsys Web portal is accessed with a standard browser on a computer or smart phone and tablet.

Scadsys Web Portal capabilities:

  • Parents have access to biographical information, student assessments, attendance, discipline, letters, timetable, achievements and homework
  • Parents can view their own school debtor account and student debtor account (used for school purchases)
  • Parents can view notifications sent from the school or college
  • Parents can view messages sent from the school or college
  • Parents can request modification of their personal and biographical information
  • Students have read access to own information (including assessments if allowed by the school or college)
  • Student and Parents can order items from tuck-shop, cafeteria, school shop, etc.
  • Parents and students can view educator contact information
  • Educators use the Web Portal to supplement access to Scadsys functionality


Since most students and educators have access to a mobile device, schools and colleges are seizing the opportunity to turn these gadgets from distractions into learning tools by incorporating these devices into classroom lessons and projects. From smart phones to tablets to laptop computers, educators and students are increasingly bringing technology to the classroom, and in many schools/colleges, it is being put to good use.

Scadsys, with its Class Room Management software, support this trend by giving the educator online access in the class room to various Scadsys functionalities from a tablet or laptop. Part of the popularity stems from the ability to not only access and update student records from a computer, but from mobile devices like a phone or an iPad as well. Students, educators and parents alike can easily check test results, upload assignments and check on homework, making them not only more accessible, but more practical for anyone involved in the educational process.

The Scadsys Mobility system supports the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) drive in schools and colleges.

Scadsys CRM and Scadsys Web capabilities are available on the Scadsys Mobility platform which runs on all devices


Scadsys Notifications provide schools and colleges with notifications, alerts and reports automatically generated at specified time intervals. The system will interrogate the Scadsys database applying rules and alerting recipients of an event, changes to data, sending a pre-defined report or synchronising Scadsys data with other service providers. Notifications can be sent to email, SMS or the Scadsys Communicator. Updates to the school Facebook will be incorporated in future.

The Scadsys Notifications system uses push technology to push information to educators, administrators, management, students, parents and government when a management rule applies. A detail log of notifications is available for Staff, Educators, Parents and Students.

Notification examples:

  • Generate monthly attendance report and email the report to the principal and government official on the last day of the month
  • Send notification to the discipline head at 08h00 every morning for students who has exceeded the 50 discipline points mark
  • Send notification to principal on Monday morning at 08h00 with birth day students list for the week
  • Send notification to principal when test marks/term marks for students are less than 40/x% at 08h00 every school day
  • Send notification to principal at 08h00 with absent students for the day
  • Send notification to student when a reserved media title is returned at 08h00 on school days
  • Send notification to student when a media title is overdue
  • Send notification to principal when a student account has less than Rxx available at 08h00 on schools days for Tuck-Shop purchases
  • Send notification to parent when debtor account is 30/60/90 days overdue at end of every month
  • Send notification to bursar when a student’s status is modified at 08h00 (i.e. school leaver)
  • Send notification to principal when access privileges in Scadsys are modified
  • Send notification to students when homework is published
  • Send notification for ‘happy birth day’ to Student/Educators/Staff/Parent
  • Send notification to principal when students are absent for more than x days
  • Send notification to principal when an educator has not checked in at 08h00 today
  • Send notification to principal when an educator is late today
  • Send notification to principal when an educator has left the school early today
  • Send notification to principal when an educator has not logged into ScadsysCRM today by 08h00
  • Send notification to principal when educators are in breach of Time & Attendance policy
  • Synchronise student and educator data and timetables with IT Schools LMS every morning at 06h00