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Slide Security and Tracking Security Driven Institutions
Developed with security in mind

School Wide Tracking and Security

Record hours worked, class attendance, and access control with robust biometrics system. Monitor and track system usage through intelligent audit tracking and maintain system access control at all times with granular permissions and user roles.

Access Control

Scadsys Access Control provides a range of options from access control, video surveillance and intrusion detection for schools and colleges. Integration with Scadsys Administration removes multiple software platforms and interfaces, and is an improvement over typical non-integrated solutions.

Scadsys Access Control capabilities:

  • Manage students, staff, educators and visitors access from a single console
  • Real-time intrusion, access and video event monitoring
  • Biometrics and/or PIN based access
  • Manual override for partitions and zones
  • Access control works in conjunction with Scadsys Time and Attendance
  • Recorded playback with synchronised video, access and intrusion
  • Unlimited environment modes and schedules (i.e. holiday, evening, meetings, weekend, etc.)
  • Toggle locks during unlock schedule or toggle locks outside of schedule
  • Advanced reporting with custom report development in Microsoft Report Builder
  • All Scadsys systems uses the same staff, educator and student biometrics/finger prints, i.e. Tuck-shop/cafeteria, Media and Time and Attendance.