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Slide Information Management Supporting Proactive Decision Making
Scadsys Admin

Comprehensive and robust administrative system supporting insights, personal information security , and streamlining of processes.

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Scadsys Classroom Management

All encompassing Classroom Management solution supporting educators with administrative and assessment tasks.

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Scadsys Timetable

The intelligent and customisable solution to timetable management, enabling a non-restrictive learning environment

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Scadsys Media

Library and media management system for managing all activities in a media centre

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Full School Information Management

Scadsys is designed to keep track of all relevant information from Grade 000 to Grade 12, as well as Tertiary and HET Educational Institution, to perform the day to day activities. Scadsys provides education institutions leverage in the much same way that industries have successfully utilized technology.

Scadsys leverages a number of modules and functions within its suite to ensure that the relevant information is available throughout the school, regardless of department or sector.

Scadsys Administration

Scadsys Administration addresses specific needs of administrators and managers in respect of Institution Resources Management. Capabilities Scadsys enable are:

  • Student, educator and staff information management
  • Student records management (management of digital content and records)
  • Student disciplinary management
  • Student interview management
  • Student achievement management
  • Student and staff attendance management
  • Staff time and attendance management (with biometrics clocking)
  • Student period attendance (according to timetable with biometrics clocking)
  • Staff communication management
  • Parents and students communication management (SMS, Email, Communicator)
  • Parent letters management
  • Management reporting and custom report development
  • Dashboard for quick real-time enquiries and data analytics
  • Printed access and ID cards with photographs
  • Real-time reminders
  • Institution activities management (students and parents)
  • Student lifecycle management (registration to alumni)
  • Identity and Access Management for authentication (integrated to Microsoft Active Directory)
  • Access control allows for authorizations for every function in Scadsys
  • Enquiry into all history in real-time

Classroom Management

Scadsys Class Room Management addresses specific needs of educators in the class room by automating administrative and assessment tasks and achieving a near paperless environment.

Scadsys CRM allows educators to work from home the same way they work at school or college. Scadsys senses when the educator device is inside or outside the school/college network and adapts accordingly, providing any-time-any-place mobile experience. 

CRM capabilities:

  • Access to all student information with photographs for easy identification
  • Access to the institution timetable
  • Perform attendance, period attendance, extramural attendance, discipline, interviews, participation and notes by student groups integrated into the timetable
  • Manage homework and communication to students and parents
  • Place orders on Tuck-Shop
  • Manage school activities assigned to educator
  • Manage Textbooks and eBooks issued to students
  • Perform Asset and Stock verification in class
  • Export data easily to Excel for specific educator needs
  • Capture test and examination assessments as they are marked (in the class room or from home)
  • Print Class room specific, assessment and promotion reports (if authorized)
  • Perform marks analysis and analytics
  • Message board for receiving real-time messages from institution
  • Perform Event Presence with student biometrics – Create a participation entry for students who attend an event with mobile biometric devices


Scadsys Assessment accommodates a holistic approach towards student evaluation and assessment. Functionality allows for weighting test and examination marks in calculations of a term or subject final mark. Non-examination marks are also supported which can be used for symbol type evaluations, i.e. 1-7 scale or an A-F scale. All parameters are user driven and can be changed in real-time.

Scadsys Assessment comes standard with a comprehensive promotions module. This allows educators to specify promotions criteria in a basic-like language, which empowers educators to make adjustments to the promotion criteria whenever needed.

Assessment capabilities:

  • Capturing of marks, comments and remarks in the class room in real-time
  • Printing of mark sheets, comment sheets and remark sheets by educators
  • Marks analysis: marks distribution and standard statistical analysis
  • Collaboration with students and parents on achieved marks
  • Variable calculation procedures and parameters for final mark calculations
  • Variable promotion criteria. Educators specify parameters for pass/fail criteria
  • Customisable promotion schedules
  • Scadsys allows for 10 terms/cycles/semesters per year
  • Marks, comments and remarks are immediately available to students on their mobile devices
  • Microsoft Report Builder for custom report development


Scadsys Media is a library and media management system for managing all activities in a media centre related to searching, accessioning, borrowing and returning of books, magazines, audio-visual aids, text books, Internet knowledge and eBooks. Scadsys Media is fully integrated into Scadsys Administration and keeps record of books/titles on loan to students and educators. A full online search and automated stock-take capabilities are available and biometrics can be used to speed up the identification and borrowing process.

Schools have goals of improving student reading and knowledge skills, and to manage this goal, the media centre control and monitor the borrowing of media material to students and educators. Scadsys has the capability, at any time, to report on material borrowed by student and therefore can identify noncompliance to set goals of reading. If the Scadsys Dashboard is used, additional management information is available, i.e. most read books, number of books read by student, books not borrowed, etc.

Scadsys Media capabilities:

  • Accessioning of Titles, Audio-visuals, Text books, eBooks and Internet knowledge
  • Keywords management to ensure that duplicate and invalid keywords are not stored
  • Authors, Publishers and Suppliers management
  • A comprehensive searching module is available to search on keywords, authors, titles, etc.
  • Report on outstanding cataloguing (to ensure that the minimum information is captured)
  • The stock take process is totally automated and can be done within 1 day by using barcode scanning devices (for 20, 000 books)
  • Comprehensive reporting module is available and additional reports can be developed with Microsoft Report Builder
  • Borrowing management process is performed manually or by scanning the student/educator cards and books barcode. Biometrics are also available to speed up borrowing
  • The reservation module makes provision for reserving books and notifications when the reserved books are returned
  • All standard media statistics can be displayed on request
  • Text books and eBooks issued to students can be managed the same way media books are managed


Scadsys Timetable is probably the most important single event in the school or college year. The completed timetable may well rule the lives of hundreds of students and staff members for the 200 days in the year, period-by-period, bell-by-bell. Such a powerful tool may easily make or break educators and teaching situations or may easily distort the curriculum philosophy of the institution. The Scadsys Timetable will build a timetable with the best quality; a timetable that is enabling, not restrictive, so that the educators may develop to the full and achieve the curricular aims.

Timetabling has been called the art of compromise. From a given set of data there are likely to be many possible solutions, each involving compromises, which detract from the ideal. Clearly institutions wish to obtain the solution with the fewest, least important compromises. This solution will give a timetable with the best quality; a timetable that is enabling, not restrictive, so that the educators may develop to the full and achieve the curricular aims.

The activity that is usually called timetabling (the fitting of classes/groups, educators, rooms, subjects into particular times of the week) should more properly be called scheduling. It is however only part of the overall process. The Scadsys Timetabling process entails:

  • Curriculum planning: The curriculum plan consists of number of periods, subjects and teaching resources derived from the aims and resources of the institution
  • Choices analysis: The feasibly testing of subject choices against the limitations of the institution, i.e. classroom sizes, number of educators, student subject choices, etc.
  • Educator analysis: The feasibly testing of teaching resources against the subject choices offered/allowed at the institution
  • Scheduling: The integration of the 5 variables: educators, subjects, classes/groups, rooms and time into a viable pattern.

The Scadsys Timetable allows for class and group scheduling, separately or combined. This means that students in a class attend a period as a class, but split into subject groups where choice subjects are offered.

The Timetable is available to students, parents and educators in Scadsys Administration, CRM, Web and Mobility and on all device types: smart phones, tablets and laptops. Students can enquire the timetable from their smart phones to determine when and where the next class is. Modifications to the timetable reflect to all students and educators immediately.

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