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Finance Management

Complete financial, debtors and cashbook system

Asset Management

Manage, maintain and ensure full asset control throughout your institution.

Alumni and Donor

Donor and Alumni Management, including fundraising events and communications

increased efficacies

Tailormade Financial Management Solution

Scadsys provides full management and analysis of all aspects relating to the financial function of any educational institution through Scadsys Financial, Scadsys Asset Management and Scadsys Donor and Alumni Management. Manage debtors and integrate with Sage Accounting through a tailormade financial experience.
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Finance Management

Scadsys Financial is a financial, debtors and cashbook system, fully integrated into the Scadsys Administration and Assessment system, with financial capability tailored for schools and educational institutions. The Scadsys Financial and Scadsys Administration systems are fully integrated into Pastel and SageOne. This provides schools and colleges with the power of Scadsys for educational management and Pastel for financial management, a combination which provides advanced functionality to advanced schools and colleges.

Scadsys Finance capabilities:

  • Separate accounts for Parents, Students, Educators and Other Debtors (i.e. tennis club, external debtors, etc.) accounts
  • Specialized debtor ageing for schools and college requirements (invoice once with 10 monthly payments)
  • Posts to many different ledgers at the same time (i.e. school ledger, money market ledger, development fund ledger, etc.)
  • Raises debit orders to all major banks
  • Raises interest on overdue accounts by debtor age
  • Specialized invoicing for grade, subject, subject choice and groups tailored for schools and college requirements
  • Import bank statements for easy receipt processing
  • Send SMS, email and push notification reminders to overdue accounts holders by debtor age
  • Integrates to easyPay for complete cashless environment (cash deposited at all major super markets)
  • eMail debtor statements to account holders
  • Debt collection management
  • Real-time dash board for pay rate, debtor aging, payment analysis and debt collection status
  • Export and Import to and from Excel spreadsheets
  • Debtor notes to keep track of actions and debtor commitments made to raise payments
  • Integrates seamlessly into Pastel and SageOne cloud service
  • Integrates full into Scadsys Point-of-Sale
  • Microsoft Report Builder for custom report development

Asset Management

Scadsys Asset Management combines detailed recording and reporting on assets with an intuitive, user-friendly interface.

Scadsys Assets capabilities:

  • Asset and Stock details
  • Requisitions for individuals or groups of students
  • Guarantees and maintenance records
  • Supplier and maintenance provider’s management
  • Movement of assets
  • Asset insurance
  • Depreciation, and
  • Re-evaluation of stock.

The procurement function in Scadsys Assets allows for capturing of purchasing records and allocating the stock to the correct category, type, insurance company, warehouse and responsible person. The system interfaces to Pastel/SageOne for reading purchasing records processed in Pastel. This way the school can ensure that all purchasing records are loaded in the Scadsys Asset system. Allocation of maintenance costs processed in Pastel/SageOne can also be allocated.

The requisition function will allocate stock from a warehouse to a specific staff member or student and will record the location where the stock will be stored or consumed. Provision is made to specify serial numbers of stock items but can be left blank if it does not apply or not available. Once stock is allocated it can be moved or returned to a warehouse.

Stock Control allows users to track stock (e.g. stationery, office supplies) and consumables (e.g. toner cartridges, spare parts, etc.). As well as allowing the user to know where stock is located and the quantity. The system allows users to maintain optimum stock levels (not too high not too low) as well as a complete history of pricing changes.

By automating time intensive audit and data collection processes, the Scadsys Asset Auditing functionality offers a fast, accurate and discreet method of identifying fixed and portable assets from desks, chairs and computers, to fax machines, photocopiers, furniture and mobile phones. Asset information can be recorded via a hand-held barcode reader or Cell phones which have a pre-programmed interrogation system enabling the system user to collate data efficiently, accurately and in an organized and efficient format.

Donor and Alumni Management

Scadsys provides a complete fundraising, donor and alumni management solution to help institutions reduce the workload and build relationships with constituents. Scadsys support campaigns, grants, special events, volunteers, telethons, memberships, planned giving and direct mail constitutions.

Scadsys Donor and Alumni Management capabilities:

  • Manage Constituent and Alumni Contacts:

    Scadsys manage data for all constituents and alumni i.e. donors, volunteers, board members, event attendees, and Alumni. Members can update their own contact data from the web site.

  • Send Personalized Communications:

    Send bulk email, e-newsletters, and donation acknowledgments with ease.

  • Track Special Events and all types of Fundraising Activities:

    Track volunteers, pledges, in-kind donations, grants, corporate sponsorships, memberships and social network fundraising. All transactions are directly posted to the Scadsys Financial system and Pastel.

  • Increase donations and memberships, and collect donor information with secure online forms:

    Scadsys Web can manage personalized online forms to collect exactly the data required, including secure credit card, debit card and debit orders processing. Donors and volunteers reach out to family, co-workers and more via email, or use links placed on social network sites like Twitter, Facebook or Google.

  • Powerful Soft Credits:

    Gifts can be designated as soft credits allowing the user to notify, recognize and track matching gifts, memorials and honorariums. This will enable you to recognize donors who influence others to give.

  • Saying “Thank-You”!:

    Acknowledging donations quickly is critical. The longer it takes you to send out a letter thanking the donor, the less meaningful it is when it arrives. Scadsys enables you to record and recognize every gift with the most appropriate response. The user can select and personalize the acknowledgement for each gift.

  • Report & Analyse Results:

    Understand your donor segments to better manage your campaigns and analyse the results. All analysis can be exported to Excel for further processing.

  • Manage ALL Information in One Complete Source:

    Track all your constituents (donors/members, volunteers, board members, prospects, organizations, special event participants) in a single database. Imagine every staff member in every department working together to keep information current and having a complete view of the constituent’s full relationship and interactions with your organization. No lost phone numbers, no missing addresses.