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Slide Cashless Institutions Expanding Sales Opportunities
Cashless institutions

Comprehensive Point of Sales and Cashless Online Stores

Campus stores use online ordering, stock control and POS
functions to transact digitally. Allowing for complete stakeholder wide sales and enagement

Increase in total sales 26%
Increase in amount spent when using cashless services 37%

Cashless Online Sores

Scadsys Point of Sale system addresses the needs of Tuck-shops, School Shops and Cafeteria by automating administrative, ordering, invoicing, stock control and sales. The system allows schools and colleges to run a Cashless environment without any cash on premises by automating electronic fund transfers to parent and student accounts.

Scadsys POS is available as a separate Scadsys system fully integrated with Scadsys and can operate in a stand-alone mode without the Cashless option.

Scadsys Point of Sale capabilities:

  • A fully fledged Point of Sale system catering for all types of school and college sales: Tuck-shop, cafeteria, books, uniforms, etc.
  • Scadsys makes use of cash/EFT/credit card/debit card/easyPay systems to collect payment/deposits from parents and students
  • Payments/deposits are processed through the Scadsys Cashbook to the debtor or student account allowing the school or college to implement a complete cashless environment
  • Placing orders on the tuck-shop/cafeteria from the Scadsys CRM system (normally during registration period in the class room) or Scadsys Parent Portal or Scadsys Mobile (smart cell phones and tablets)
  • Parents have full view of orders and payments on the Parent Portal
  • Biometrics is used to identify students/educators for orders or buying on account. Scadsys ID Cards are also accepted
  • Quick access to all student and educator transactions history and orders from the Scadsys POS console
  • Full item barcode scanning for processing large numbers of items and customers in a short period of time
  • Price overrides function for specials (i.e. selling excess hamburgers/hotdogs)
  • Industry standard POS stations as found in restaurants and retail outlets
  • Daily Cash-Up function to reconcile cash and account sales and stock inventory by operator
  • Scadsys POS can process transactions from unlimited outlets (school/college shops)
  • Sub-items to control the making of hamburgers, hotdogs and other items at school/college and controlling relevant stock required
  • Automated orders on suppliers based on economic order quantity trends and minimum stock quantities
  • Management of supplier orders, deliveries and invoices
  • Management reports for profit and loss, item margins, stock turnover, sales, etc.
  • Dashboard for quick access to sales, profit, margin, inventory and loss