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Many schools and colleges are faced with the dilemma of coping with increased responsibilities and the rapidly changing and often massive flow of information involved in managing institutions. Given the limited human resources at their disposal, management will need tools that can help to enhance the administration of their institutions, while providing the greatest transparency and accountability.

School and College management is therefore, among those who will have to adapt to the new paradigm by linking on new strategies and embracing new technologies. Most certainly, the enlightened and creative use and deployment of Scadsys will result in raising levels of efficiency and effectiveness of their management capabilities. Today’s school management can benefit from having at their disposal, an application system like Scadsys, which assist in collating, coordinating, processing and managing the flow of information in the administrative activities of their institutions. By facilitating real-time access to important administrative and management information, Scadsys can contribute significantly to school/college administration.

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Administration and Management in Perspective

Administration and management incorporates a wide range of tasks. It is therefore necessary at the outset to note the broad areas that affect the management of schools. Among these are decision-making, follow-up, staff development, time management, evaluation and reporting. More specifically, however are the management and administrative tasks within the environment. These include administrative planning, budgeting, financial control, bookkeeping, staff records, student records, timetabling, circulars/regulations and reporting.

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Benefits of Using Scadsys

The main advantage for using Scadsys is the ability to eliminate duplication of effort. Once data is stored in the system, all authorized users across the various departments and different physical locations may access it. And this, they may even do concurrently. This eliminates the need to replicate documents all the time to send to different departments or personnel. The integrated approach also reduces the manual effort involved in inputting and storing data. Of course, there is also the real opportunity of reducing errors and eliminating the tediousness of long and repetitive manual processing. Other advantages to be gained by institutions include the following:

  • ScadCo as a partner in education and innovation
  • Improved customer service through greater access to accurate information
  • Increased productivity and job satisfaction among staff members
  • More economical and safer means of storing and keeping track of information
  • Enhanced flexibility through integration with other features and applications
  • Easier access to management reports and reminder letters, as well as more accurate and faster results from statistical analyses
  • Greater accountability and transparency in operations
  • Improved efficiency and effectiveness in administration and management
  • More reliable security for sensitive and confidential information