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Efficiency Through innovation

School and College Management

The effective management of information is, undoubtedly, set to play an increasingly more dominant role in determining how successfully schools and colleges are being managed.

Scadsys has been built and will continue to be developed and innovated to ensure that your institution is able to manage all facets of its information sphere to better preform and excel, without having to worry about cumbersome, repetitive and menial processes.

OUR solutions

Dynamically Different

Information Management

Robust Student, Parent, and Faculty Administration and Management with Modern Reports and Insights on all School Administration Related Data

Financial Management

Full Financial Solutions with Sage Integration and Asset, Inventory, and Stock Management with Complete Requisition and Location Based Features

Self Service Portals

Real-time access for parents, students and staff to all vital, shared, and allowed information through Scadsys Web Portals

Cashless Institution

Run Multiple Online Customisable Managed Stores on Account 24/7 with the ability to control stock, orders, and payments in one seamless application

Technology Partner

Services Customisable to Your Institutions Needs Ensuring Systems and Infrastructures Uptime and Productivity

Security Tracking

Activity Tracking and Audit Trails, Biometric Access Control and Time and Attendance Solutions with Modern Insights and Reports

understanding the difference

Why Scadsys

Scadsys is a suite of integrated software applications that empower educators and lecturers to more effectively and efficiently meet the individual needs of students, every day.

Capabilities enabled by Scadsys are:

  • School and college resource management and control
  • Management of knowledge
  • Effective collaboration with all stake holders
  • Cashless and paperless school and college environments
  • Learning management
  • Management of digital and media content
  • Data analytics for decision support
  • Social business presence and management
  • Higher efficiencies and effectiveness
  • Agility with Software-as-a-Service in the Cloud
  • ScadCo as a partner in education and innovation
  • Data migration from SASAMS, Edupac, PencilBox, Ed-admin, Libwin, ICAS and many more
  • Data synchronisation to SASAMS for new government requirements in 2017 (ie. SNAP statistics and schedules only accepted from SASAMS)

The Scadsys product line is dramatically different from other education-oriented products as it has a holistic approach to effective management of information, educator and student empowerment and the ability to process massive amounts of information. The system incorporates standard and custom based curriculum assessment and is the primary workspace for educators, students and administrators. The parent self-service gives access to student assignments, assessments, discipline, attendance, statement which increases visibility of performance measures and indicators.

The Scadsys product is a comprehensive, fully integrated solution designed to address all aspects of instructional management, decision-making, delivery, follow-up, time management, as well as assessment. Via the Internet, the applications provide parents with the ability to view their children’s educational progress, educational objectives, outstanding assignments, school’s calendar and educator communication on a daily basis.

Scadsys provide education with the ability to leverage technology in the much same way that the business has successfully utilized technology, to facilitate better visibility of performance measures and indicators; facilitate better management; facilitate improved efficiency of operations; and improved return on expenditures.

Scadsys also enables a partnership between educators, students, parents, suppliers and the controlling government, providing new means of interacting and working together to meet the needs of each and every student, every day. Scadsys is designed to keep track of all relevant information from Grade 000 to Grade 12 and colleges, to help perform most of the day to day activities. Since Scadsys is an interactive software tool, it can be used in a variety of ways to assist educators and principals.